We always have three
things in mind.

While a machine runs without feelings, we know that you don’t, so we deliver our loyalty. When a machine stops responding for thousands of reasons, we deliver our skill. When you don’t know how to use a product, we are strongly motivated to guide you.

Preben Duus Jørgensen

To be humble is
a daily job.

We care about you – the customer to our dedicated partners. We secure IT usability, deliver reliable server solutions, implement IMAC and enable shopping logistics. All this and more we do on a daily basis and we do it smoothly, aiming to leave every customer in a good mood.

NEISA Nordic AB, Färögatan 33 E, 164 40 Kista. Phone: +46 10 130 63 00

NEISA Services Sweden AB, Höjdrodergatan 4, 212 39 Malmö. Phone: +46 10 130 63 00

NEISA Norway AS, Økernveien 121, 0579 Oslo. Phone: +47 22 56 65 00

NEISA Finland, Niittyrinne 6, 02270 Espoo. Phone: +358 10 315 4200

NEISA Denmark AS, Baldersbuen 40, 2640 Hedehusene. Phone: +45 4657 0333

Neisa offers nationwide IT services on products from leading manufacturers. We are supplier-independent
and work closely with leading suppliers, for whom we service all major IT products.