Hands and eyes
but also ears.

To live up to your demands, we have learnt to listen to your needs.
You give us important feedback when we meet on the field or through our contact centre.
We consider this and do our homework to get even better.

Mikko Mäki
Member of Board NEISA Nordic AB

Neisa –
by your side.

Building trust over time means never leaving a task unsolved.
We take responsibility in every step we take, supporting our customers on site whenever they need it.
In other words, help is always close at hand.

NEISA Nordic AB, Färögatan 33 E, 164 40 Kista. Phone: +46 10 130 63 00

NEISA Services Sweden AB, Höjdrodergatan 4, 212 39 Malmö. Phone: +46 10 130 63 00

NEISA Norway AS, Økernveien 121, 0579 Oslo. Phone: +47 22 56 65 00

NEISA Finland OY, Niittyrinne 6, 02270 Espoo. Phone: +358 10 315 4200

NEISA Denmark AS, Baldersbuen 40, 2640 Hedehusene. Phone: +45 4657 0333

Neisa offers nationwide IT services on products from leading manufacturers. We are supplier-independent
and work closely with leading suppliers, for whom we service all major IT products.